REFURBISHED INFACO PW2 Olive harvester rake attachment
REFURBISHED INFACO PW2 Olive harvester rake attachment
REFURBISHED INFACO PW2 Olive harvester rake attachment

REFURBISHED INFACO PW2 Olive harvester rake attachment


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** NOTE: These refurbished units were used to show clients at trade shows, for group demonstrations and loaned out for trials. Infaco offers a 1-year warranty on all refurbished models.

With the PW2 line, you can use one base with a variety of tools including our olive harvester attachments that make it possible to harvest olives 3 times faster than manual harvesting.

The head features Infaco’s patented elliptical movement and carbon fingers that reduce damage to the plant and reduces the alternate bearing phenomenon. The elliptical movement ensures that olives fall directly down into nets instead of being flung far away making harvest easier, faster, and decreasing waste.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle, minimal vibration
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Minimizes bruising to olives, tree damage, and leaf litter
  • Base compatible with reciprocating saw, chain saw, and more

Battery Options:

  • Your Existing Battery: If you own an F3010 or F3015 pruning shear, you already have the battery you need but you may want 1 more!
  • Dual-battery set: Each battery in the set will run this harvester for 2-4 hours. To harvest for an entire day, plan on charging these batteries on-site and cycling back and forth between them. Learn more >
  • All-day Option: For customers in California who don't have on-site power for charging, we offer an 800Wh battery that will run any of our harvesters for an entire work day. Please call to inquire: 1-800-425-8809
Length 86.5" (2.2m)
Weight 7 lbs
Power 750 W
Speed 10 levels available (850-1250 revolutions/minute)

What's Included?

  • Box 1: Long, harvester extension
  • Box 2: Rake head, 2 extra fingers, 2 key tools for mounting head/fingers


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