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INFACO professional tying machines

The A3MV2 is an electrical tying device that makes vine tying easy. This machine is highly versatile for single or double Guyot or bowed vine training.

Tying time is less than 0.4 seconds.

Setting the number of turns and tension

Adjusting the tie size is separate from setting the number of rotations the head makes to twist the tie shut. This increases the versatility of the tool by making it possible to make a loose tie that’s twisted shut with many rotations and vice versa.

Wide range of wire diameters

Choose from these available wire gauges
depending on your needs:
0.40 mm / approximately 1000 ties per reel
0.46 mm / approximately 900 ties per reel
0.50 mm / approximately 650 ties per reel
0.55 mm / approximately 500 ties per reel (only compatible with 48V tying machine)

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Ultra fast wire roll change

Located on the tool and easy to access, the wire roll can be changed in just a few seconds.