Annual maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance service ensures that your tools are in top condition and ready to perform for the next season. Our annual maintenance service is a cost-effective way to keep your Infaco pruning tools in top condition and helps prolong the lifespan of your tools, saving you money in the long run. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and addressing issues with your shears and/or tying machines, ensuring they function at their best. We inspect all tools for any signs of wear or damage and address any issues.

Don't let your Infaco tools fall into disrepair. Follow these simple steps and schedule your next annual maintenance with our expert team:

Step 1

Download and complete one annual maintenance form for each machine.

Step 2

Pack your serialized tool in its case. Make sure to include the corresponding completed annual maintenance form. Only include your machine, cables, battery, and charger. Do not include accessories like belts, sharpening stones, grease pumps, etc.

Step 3

When applicable, label each box following our shipping guidelines for Lithium-Ion battery products.

Step 4

Ship your package to your nearest authorized annual maintenance service provider:

2356 Research Dr
Livermore, CA 94550
Peach Ridge Orchard
8405 Fruit Ridge Ave NW
Sparta, MI 49345
New York:
Mobile Repair Service
6307 Robinson Rd
Sodus, NY 14551

A3MV Tying Machines

Electrocoup Pruning Shears

Parts REPLACED with annual maintenance Complete A3MV2 pass wire New standard blade
Wire catcher rope Right standard rack cover
Spring mobile arm Half aperture switch
Knife pull back spring Exterior covers
Block thread feader spring Blade axis, bearings and washers
Screws Greasing bung, screw, and locking nut
Parts INSPECTED and TESTED during annual maintenance Plug Three pin plug
Battery, cables, and charger testing Battery, cables, and charger testing
Electro magnet Shear stats analysis
Motor Motor
Complete head adjustment Software updates
Transmission tube Counter blade resurfacing
Clean and lubricate  Clean and grease rack and pinions
$50 $198 Standard head
$232 Medium head
$254 Maxi head
+$20 fee for shears received 9/1 - 3/31