INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep
INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep
INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep
INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep
INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep

INFACO F3020 Battery powered hoof trimmer kit for goats and sheep


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The F3020KO for trimming goat and sheep hooves

Trimming goat and sheep hooves to remove excess horn, maintain good footing, and help combat foot rot is essential. The F3020 with hoof-trimming head dramatically reduces the effort required by farmers and farriers to trim the hooves. The progressive nature of the F3020 Electrocoup allows users to trim with great precision and considerably reduces the risk of injury to the animal. Because it is nearly silent, the INFACO battery-powered hoof kit also avoids additional stress to animals while trimming.

When purchasing this hoof-trimming kit, you will receive a F3020 standard shear kit with a hoof trimmer head already installed. (Both heads are included with this option: Standard head for pruning trees and other applications and the hoof trimming head already installed on the shear). 

WEIGHT 1.56 lbs (708 g)
BLADE OPENING 2.4" (60 mm)
BLADE MOVEMENT Moves proportionally to trigger pull
USER MODES Standard or Soft (training mode)

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Each complete set includes:

- INFACO pruning shear
- 36V Battery and cable
- Quick Lock-Unlock shear holster
- Battery-carrying belt/vest and armband
- Smart battery charger
- Grease + pump
- Replacement blade
- Sharpening stone
- Carrying case
- Torq wrench
- Hoof-trimming blade
- Standard blade kit

Ultra lightweight battery and smart charger

The F3020’s new 36V and 107Wh Lithium-Ion Cobalt battery weighs only 24.6 ounces. Its sleek design and reduced volume provide 8 hours of pruning without needing to recharge. The ultra-light F3020 battery will quickly be forgotten and can be worn in multiple ways or even slipped into a pocket.

2 hr complete charging cycle (includes cell rebalancing).

Winter mode charging option optimizes battery for long-term storage to extend battery life.

F3020 battery vest

Designed to provide unprecedented comfort, the F3020 belt and vest are highly ergonomic, breathable, and easy to use. Our new straight cable system ingeniously runs up the back of the vest and crosses over to the shoulder on the pruning arm (with included band). This system eliminates becoming tangled in branches and risk of cutting the cable.

Carry the battery in 4 different ways:
• Directly in a pocket, thanks to its small size
• Using the pant belt clip
• On the included belt without the optional vest straps
• On the included belt and vest

Partial Opening adjustment

Customize a blade opening position
suited to your pruning needs.
10 easy-to-program positions allow users to maximize battery peformance and save time.

Blade overlap adjustment

Optimize the life of your blade by adjusting blade overlap. 10 programmable positions help users achieve high cut quality throughout the pruning season.

Two operating modes

Progressive “Soft” mode. Ideal for training new employees or for users who prefer flexible tool control over productivity.
Progressive “Standard” mode. Suitable for experienced users who want to fully benefit from the fast cutting speeds of the new F3020.

Don't take our word for it


We purchased a pair of pruners about 10 years ago and have been using them ever since.

We currently own 6 pair of F3010 with 3 being medium heads, which has greatly improved our productivity in our orchard. We can make large cuts in our apple trees and speed up pruning with less fatigue.  

I have received the same response from the people I have recommended the pruners to.

Jim Goldstein from Hy’s Cider Mill

Romeo, Michigan


Our vineyards are in Shenandoah Valley, Amador County, California. We are happy with the shears that we purchased from you.

It cuts our Zinfandel grapevines much better than we could purely manually.

It’s easy to gather the canes with the left hand while pruning with the right hand.

Spinetta Family Vineyards

Shenandoah Valley, CA


We purchased the Electrocoup F3010 system to enable sustained pruning by our small winery’s aged staff.So far it’s been an excellent tool, enabling a 55 yr old sedentary “owner” to prune an acre in less than 8 hrs.

Battery life is excellent, and the shears cut through anything ~1 1/2 in (40mm) with ease. The safety system, (conductive glove) works well, and is non obtrusive once you figure out how to route the wire to avoid picking up canes that you toss overhead.

You will want to buy the holster or use an electric drill holster on the belt to enable you to carry the whole rig easily with hands free.

Sheldon Hayne, CA


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