Tools for olive growing and harvesting

Infaco’s patented elliptical movement of its olive harvesting tools maximizes productivity. Available as an attachment to our multi-purpose PW3 power unit or as a 12V or 48V dedicated tool. Its movement ensures that olives fall directly into nets instead of being flung far away, making harvest more effortless and faster and decreasing waste.


INFACO´S TR9 chain saw, together with the POWERCOUP PW3 motorized base, is an essential tool for olive tree maintenance.


Infaco’s newly released Electrocoup F3020 battery-powered pruning shear helps growers prune faster than hand pruning and works with any of our carbon-fiber extension poles. Multiple heads are available for different jobs: pruning, desuckering, reshaping, etc.


Specifically developed for high-quality cuts the saw can be used for simple tree maintenance. This saw provides clean cuts without any snags, limiting the propagation of wood diseases during work.