Tools for olive growing and harvesting

Harvest 3 times faster compared to hand harvesting. No matter which olive harvesting attachment you select, the head will feature Infaco’s patented elliptical movement that ensures that olives fall directly down into nets instead of being flung far away making harvest easier, faster, and decreasing waste.


INFACO´S TR9 chain saw, together with the POWERCOUP PW3 motorized base, is an essential tool for olive tree maintenance.


Infaco’s newly released Electrocoup F3020 battery-powered pruning shear helps growers prune faster than hand pruning and works with any of our carbon-fiber extension poles. Multiple heads are available for different jobs: pruning, desuckering, reshaping, etc.


Specifically developed for high-quality cuts the saw can be used for simple tree maintenance. This saw provides clean cuts without any snags, limiting the propagation of wood diseases during work.