INFACO carbon fiber extension pole with remote battery option for F3020 pruning shear
Pruner  shear extension pole
Pruning fruit trees
Extension pole batteries for pruning shears
Orchard pruning shears
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INFACO carbon fiber extension pole with remote battery option for F3020 pruning shear


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Length option

Simply clip your F3020 pruning shear to the end of the pole connect any of the compatible batteries to the pole and that’s it! Your tool is ready for use. Forget the previous cables between the trigger and the shear. Operate your tool using a wireless Bluetooth® trigger system housed in the sliding grip. The tool versatility will be appreciated by users, whether for large cuts or overhead work.

Extension poles with snap-in battery option

Ref. Wt. Len.
P9T120B  4.4 lb 7.7 ft fix
P9F210B  3.9 lb 5.1-7.2 ft telescopic
P9T210B  5.4 lb 8-13.1 ft telescopic

Extension poles with remote battery option

Ref. Wt. Len.
P9F120  2.2 lb 4.5 ft fix
P9T120  3.0 lb 4.8-7 ft telescopic
P9F210  2.7 lb 7.4 ft fix P9F210 POLE

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Working at height has never been easier

- Strong and light CARBON FIBER
- F3020 pruning shear compatible
- BUILT-IN or REMOTE battery options
- FIXED length or TELESCOPIC options
- SLIDING GRIP for more control and balance
- Bluetooth® Technology to connect the pole´s trigger with the pruning shear
- Metal hook to pull cut branches
- EASY shear installation

Standard head pruning shear

Ideal for pruning grape vines and also suitable for orchard pruning. Speed, maneuverability, and power.

Medium head pruning shear

Increase your tool’s cutting capacity with the medium kit. Perfect balance between speed and cutting capacity. Designed for fruit-growers, forestry, and landscaping.

Learn more

Maxi head pruning shear

An essential tool for tree lopping in orchards and landscaping. Perfect for cutting back vines before top grafting operations. The Maxi kit will give your F3020 unrivaled cutting capacity.

Take your shear
to the next level

Fruit tree and orchard management tools

Wired pole with
remote battery option.

Fixed or telescopic length

New pole with
snap-in battery option.

fixed or telescopic lengths

Easy shear

Slide and lock